Reducing maternal mortality in Uganda

Case Study: Reducing maternal mortality in Uganda

Almost all (99%) of the approximate 287,000 maternal deaths every year occur in developing countries and half of the world’s maternal deaths from severe bleeding occur in Africa.

Every summer, Mubende Regional Referral Hospital in Uganda experiences a marked increase in the maternal mortality rate due to a lack of available blood for transfusion. Catastrophic bleeding around the time of delivery is the most common cause of maternal death in Africa, accounting for 34% of these deaths. Once bleeding starts, death can occur within 2 hours.

Mubende Hospital services a population of more than 2 million but there is no blood donation and transfusion service for the region. Funds raised through the Global Events Challenge Scheme will enable the College to work with Mubende to establish its own regional blood donation and transfusion service, ensuring that the region is adequately supplied all year round. The impact will be a reduction in the preventable deaths of mothers due to a shortage of blood.

“……. Not only could I count the parasites in a patient’s blood, I was suddenly transformed into a new world, one where I could see the parasites so clearly I could distinguish the four types”.

Juliet Nayiga
Laboratory technologist at Mubende Regional Referral Hospital