Digital Pathology Committee

The Digital Pathology Committee will lead the College's work in the development and implementation of digital pathology. Its duties and responsibilities will include: producing standards, best practice and resources for the profession; promoting digital pathology through the work of the College; supporting and stimulating research in the use and development of digital pathology; working with College curricula groups to ensure that digital pathology is successfully integrated; working with the Examinations Committee, Examination Panels, Examiners, Quality Assurance Leads and Item Writers on the integration of digital pathology to the delivery of examinations; working across the College to ensure cohesive engagement.

The College Digital Pathology Committee have drawn up practical guidance on working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, bearing in mind that it may be necessary to use digital pathology to provide cover outside of normal circumstances.

The key messages are:

• Existing College guidance affirms that it is safe to use digital pathology with appropriate experience, risk assessment and risk reduction.

• Validation is a self directed learning process by which pathologists learn how to diagnose digitally, based on comparison with the glass slides.

• Pathologists who have fully validated already will be confident in working remotely, possibly on lower specification equipment, and be very comfortable with assessing risk and making decisions on digital, sometimes in suboptimal conditions.

• Pathologists who have limited or no validation, or who have not used digital pathology before will find that they can confidently report some or many cases digitally, without undertaking a formal 1-2 month validation comparing glass and digital. but should be aware of the risks and mitigate this risk where possible.

• In exceptional circumstances they may decide to report cases digitally, using a risk mitigation approach – this does not remove the need for validation or quality assurance once normal services are being provided.

Darren Treanor, Digital Pathology Lead, on behalf of the Digital Pathology Committee of the College


  • RCPath guidance for remote digital pathology

    This guidance document outlines the recommendations of the Royal College of Pathologists’ Digital Pathology Committee regarding temporary remote reporting of digital slides in times of clinical and service necessity.

    RCPath Digital Pathology Committee March 2020

Chair: Dr Darren Treanor

Committee Members