Pathology Informatics Committee

Information technology has played an increasing role within all pathology disciplines in recent years and affects a variety of processes including requesting, reporting and analysis, but is also fundamental for research, teaching, clinical databases, electronic patient records and demand optimisation strategies. It is vital that pathology professionals engage strongly with national developments that will determine current and future practice so that true professional and clinical governance can be provided to help ensure good laboratory practice and ultimately optimise patient safety.

For many years, RCPath has hosted developments associated with the National Laboratory Medicine Catalogue (NLMC). In 2015, further development, including implementation, was taken over by the Health & Social Care Information Centre (now known as NHS Digital), and it is vital that there is adequate pathology input to the process. The Group represents pathology, when identified, on informatics related projects hosted by relevant professional bodies, societies or external organisations. 

Chair: Dr Karen Mitchell 

Committee Members