From the Editor

From the Editor

Welcome to the July Bulletin.

From the President

From the President

Hello and welcome to the July issue of the Bulletin.

Pathology and patients

Pathology and patients at the 75th anniversary of the NHS

On the 75th anniversary of the NHS, it is timely to focus not just on the pressures but to celebrate hard-earned successes. We, as pathologists, are at the forefront of many advances benefitting so many patients.

Medical examiners – successes and challenges

The College is the lead medical royal college for medical examiners and has worked closely with key stakeholders for many years to implement this important patient safety initiative. As the medical examiner system moves towards a statutory footing, Dr Suzy Lishman, Chair of the College’s Medical Examiner Committee, reflects on the challenges and successes along the way.

The future of data in transfusion medicine

Various initiatives are underway to refine the provision of transfusion services in the UK. In this article, colleagues from the Data Driven Transfusion Practice Blood and Transplant Research Unit highlight some of the key concerns and areas in which data, digital pathology and artificial intelligence can enhance transfusion services.

Strengthening public and patient involvement and engagement in research with the Blood and Transplant Research Unit in Data Driven Transfusion Practice

This article discusses the ongoing responsibilities of researchers to lead good patient and public involvement and engagement, the need for diversity and inclusion, and the potential this holds to address not just inequality of transfusion care but also inequity.

Paediatric and perinatal pathology services – is it possible to solve the workforce crisis?

Professor Marta Cohen OBE and Dr Srinivas Annavarapu explore the challenges facing paediatric and perinatal histopathology.

Lab Tests Online-UK – a vital patient resource supporting direct access to laboratory test results

Increasing patient involvement in their healthcare has numerous benefits. An important way to enhance patient engagement is to provide clear, detailed information online about their lab results.

Immunisation – changing the face of healthcare

With the 75th anniversary of the NHS and the WHO’s declaration of the end of the COVID-19 global health emergency, an investigation of the impact of vaccination on health crises is inevitable.

Featured articles

Pathology for conservation at the Zoological Society of London – a focus on the Partula snail

For nearly 200 years, the Zoological Society of London has studied and protected a wide array of species, from the smallest coral polyps to the largest whales, using pathology as a key tool for conservation. This article explores the use of pathology for the conservation of the tiny Partula snail.

How to write a good blog

So why write a blog? What is the point of these ramblings when you don’t know if anyone will ever read them or pay them any regard? You could be just screaming into the void. In this article, College blogger Chris Tiplady takes us through his process for writing a successful blog.

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