From the Editor

From the Editor

Dr Shubha Allard bids a fond farewell to her role as Bulletin Editor and hands over the baton to Professor Angharad Davies.

From the President

From the President

Sadly, this is my last Bulletin as President of the College as I step down in mid-November, handing over to Dr Bernie Croal. Once again, there has been a huge amount happening since the last issue including 2 significant pieces of work have started in which the College is heavily involved.

Pathology challenges and the way forward

Pathology challenges and the way forward

Bulletin Editor, Dr Shubha Allard, introduces the theme of 'pathology challenges and the way forward', exploring key topics including antimicrobial resistance and workforce gaps.

The impact of workforce shortages on tackling antimicrobial resistance and healthcare-associated infections

In this article, Natasha Ratnaraja, Danny Scarsbrook and Angharad Davies explore the way forward in dealing with antimicrobial resistance and healthcare-associated infections when faced with the challenges of shortages in workforce and diagnostic capability.

Fetal RhD screening of maternal blood to support targeted anti-D prophylaxis – the story so far

In this article, read about the current status of fetal RhD implementation and the challenge of extending screening into routine testing.

Bridging the workforce gap – consultant scientists in pathology

Pathology services face many challenges, from unfilled positions to increasing workloads. With the appropriate training, consultant scientists are poised to provide essential support to the pathology workforce. In this article, Dr Lisa Ayers and Dr Owen Driskell provide an update on the demand for and training of consultant scientists across the pathology specialties.

How can we reduce errors and make transfusion practice safer?

Blood transfusion is a lifesaving treatment for many patients, but we need to monitor and learn from adverse events to improve patient outcomes. This article describes the development and successes of the UK Serious Hazards of Transfusion haemovigilance programme and highlights the ongoing challenges facing transfusion safety.

Who does the College serve? Perspective from an England regional representative

Dr Rachael Liebmann reflects on the issues and challenges facing pathologists that she has encountered as 1 of the 4 regional representatives for England. The article highlights how the College engages its members and some of the efforts to influence decision-makers and address some of those challenges.

Featured articles

Interview with President Elect Dr Bernie Croal

Hear from our President Elect Dr Bernie Croal on his aspirations for College over the next 3 years.

Transforming our College and pathology practice together

In a world where disparities persist, the College is embracing a culture of equality and the power of diversity and inclusion. Here, you can read more about our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Network and their vision, initiatives and challenges.

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