COVID-19: Wellbeing for trainees

Helping to support the wellbeing of pathology and Higher Specialist Scientific trainees in the UK throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

The College is keen to ensure that during these challenging times trainees are well supported and have access to wellbeing services where they feel they might benefit from them.

The College and the Trainee Advisory Committee is keen to ensure that during these challenging times trainees are well supported and have access to wellbeing services where they feel they might benefit from them.  

Coaching and support sessions are now available to UK pathology trainees, including life sciences Higher Specialist Scientific trainees, at no charge. 

The programme was initially available to deployed trainees or recently deployed trainees, on a first come, first serve basis. However, additional capacity has become  available, and therefore the programme is now open to all trainees who feel such support will be helpful to them during the current circumstances.

Sarah is an extremely experienced coach who is very keen to support pathology trainees who may find coaching helpful at the current time. Sarah or one of her colleagues will provide you with the opportunity to discuss some of the current challenges and help you to manage these. The plan for the sessions (and the number of sessions undertaken, up to 10) will be decided by you.

The College recognises how important the wellbeing of our trainees is and supports this initiative. More details about Sarah and the programme are below:

  • up to 10 sessions of coaching over the course of 2020
  • generally, each session will last 1 hour, by secure video conference (Zoom) or phone
  • the first session will provide the opportunity for the trainee to try coaching and consider whether there is a good fit between the trainee and proposed coach
  • all discussions will be confidential, unless there is a legal obligation to act in some way (with the proviso that Sarah/other coaches will take their work to supervision, where clients will remain anonymous.)

Supervision is the formal opportunity for coaches working with clients to share, in confidence, their case load activity to gain insight, support and direction for themselves and thereby enabling them to better work in the service of their clients.

Time can be used for:

  • Processing
  • Thinking
  • Supporting
  • Developing
  • Challenging

on whatever the focus or agenda may be of use to the individual.

About Sarah

I’m a very experienced coach (first trained Jan 2003) and coach supervisor and have had numbers of clients from different professional specialisms in the health and care sectors. I’m an active credentialed member of my professional association (International Coach Federation) and have professional insurance. Also, co-author of a book which is used as a text book for coach training by Health Education England. (The Art of Coaching: A Handbook of Tips and Tools). Colleagues who are joining me in this offer are all very experienced and well qualified.

If you would like to take up this opportunity, please get in touch with Sarah directly by completing the contact form indicating that you are a pathology trainee.

In addition, there are a number of online wellbeing sites available which have been listed on the Trainee COVID-19 pages.

A template coaching agreement form is provided here for information and to provide reassurance about the professional standards and confidentiality observed by Sarah and her colleagues.