Chemical Pathology 2021

This section of the website is currently for chemical pathology trainees who start specialty training from August 2021.

Chemical Pathology Curriculum 2021

The new 2021 curricula will be assessed by High Level Outcomes, which are included in the form of Capabilities in Practice (CiPs), CiPs describe the professional tasks or work within the scope of postgraduate pathology training; they are based on the format of entrustable professional activities, which are a method of using the professional judgement of appropriately trained assessors as a key aspect of the validity of assessment and a defensible way of forming global judgements of professional performance.

Chemical Pathology Syllabus

This syllabus is an adjunct to the curriculum and is to guide aspects of learning expected to be covered during chemical pathology.

Assessment Strategy

The Royal College of Pathologists' assessment strategy identifies the broad approach and purpose of our programme of assessment and describes the approach for the medical pathology specialties regulated by the General Medical Council.

Workplace Based Assessments

Trainees will be expected to undertaker Supervised Learning Events (SLEs) throughout their specialty training in chemical pathology. Further information on the SLEs and assessment programme can be found in the 2021 chemical pathology curriculum.

CiPs Guidance

The purpose of this guidance is to ensure that trainers and educational supervisors are consistent in their approach to assessing each CiPs. The guidance breaks down each the CiP down into its constituent parts and helps trainers to recognise the minimum level of knowledge, skills and attitudes that should be demonstrated for an entrustment decision to be made. The descriptors and evidence listed are not intended to be comprehensive but guide the trainer and trainee on what satisfactory performance will look like.

The CiP guidance will be available shortly.

ARCP Decision Aid

The ARCP decision aid will be published shortly.

Chemical Pathology Curriculum Launch Event

A virtual curricula launch event was held with the aim to introduce the new chemical pathology curricula to trainers and educational supervisors and to understand Capabilities in Practice and how they will inform assessment of trainees.

Attendees were able to ask questions throughout the webinar. Below are the questions that were asked and answered during the event.

Questions and Answers


Will trainees online evidence be transferred from old LEPT to new LEPT system, or will they have to re-complete and re-link everything on the new LEPT?

Am I correct that the official date of transition is the trainees' next ARCP after go-live? Our trainees have ARCPs this week and then July 2022 - should they be using the new LEPT


In the poster in ACB FOCUS few weeks ago, they mentioned changes in the FRCPath exam? But it was just mentioned that it’s not confirmed?

Will you be asking TPDs and other educators for their views on changes to the exams?

I have a CP/MM trainee ST6 whose FRCPath project is still outstanding. He will be expected to move to new curriculum. What about the status of FRCPath project if he moves to the new curriculum?


I have a CP trainee who was supposed to have CCT in Dec 2021 but now delayed till at least September 2022 due to exam. So will she need to transfer to the transitional curriculum?

Competency in the generic CiPs are difficult to evidence. Do you have any suggestions as to how best to deliver and these aspects of training?

How will we then record our number of clinics which have already been done?