Forensic Histopathology

This section of the website is currently for forensic histopathology trainees who start specialty training from August 2021.

Forensic Histopathology Curriculum 2021

The new 2021 curricula will be assessed by High Level Outcomes, which are included in the form of Capabilities in Practice (CiPs), CiPs describe the professional tasks or work within the scope of postgraduate pathology training; they are based on the format of entrustable professional activities, which are a method of using the professional judgement of appropriately trained assessors as a key aspect of the validity of assessment and a defensible way of forming global judgements of professional performance.

Forensic Histopathology Syllabus

This syllabus is an adjunct to the curriculum and is to guide aspects of learning expected to be covered during forenisc histopathology training. 

Assessment Strategy

The Royal College of Pathologists' assessment strategy identifies the broad approach and purpose of our programme of assessment and describes the approach for the medical pathology specialties regulated by the General Medical Council.

Workplace based assessments

Trainees will be expected to undertake Supervised Learning Events (SLEs) throughout their specialty training. Further information on the SLEs and assessment programme can be found in the 2021 curriculum.

ARCP Decision Aids

Cellular Pathology Transitional Arrangements

Transitional Arrangements Webinar

All current trainees not starting their specialty training in August/September 2021 will remain on their current curriculum until after the spring 2022 ARCPs. Existing trainees will be transferred to the new curriculum in the spring after their ARCPs.

Please see below the Video and Slides from the Transitional Arrangement Webinar held on 28 April 2022.

Cellular Pathology Transitional Arrangement FAQs

COVID-19 Questions

Is there any guidance on what covid related disruptions to training will be defined this year?

2021 Curriculum Questions

Can you explain how those who are part time and/or who have taken maternity leave – how they can transfer what they have done already for that stage.

Please can you clarify between HST and ICPT?

How will SIPs affect us administratively? Will there be a requirement to link evidence to each SIP and is this needed every year?

Is getting rid of Stage D is safe? Especially if you are in a centre that does not practice a supervised sign out?

What are the main differences between the current curriculum and the new curriculum?

I will be in the middle of my St4 as I am part-time. How do I transfer my assessments etc... I have already done under the old curriculum and those I have left, but in the new curriculum?

I have been on maternity leave for the past year. My only three attempts for the part 2 exam were either cancelled or I was shielding. Does this mean I cannot get a 10.2 outcome for this ARCP year?

Curriculum Transfer Questions

Have trainees been individually contacted by the college as to whether they will or will not need to transfer to the new curriculum?

Why have the rules changed for applying for sub specialty?

What about trainees not having a ARCP this year? Trainees who are going on maternity leave this year.

Why not transfer trainees at the end of the stage? Not mid-way though

I'm a TPD and have a ST2 who started in August 2020 and will finish the ST year in July 2022. They have been appointed to a Diagnostic Neuropathology training – how would this work please?

If you achieve an Outcome 1 and miss your ARCP for Stage B, ST2 – would you need to cover the 2021 curriculum requirements for ST2 or would you automatically move to ST3?