Undergraduates and Foundation trainees

The College is committed to maintaining and developing the knowledge of pathology that underpins medical, dental and veterinary curricula across the United Kingdom.

An Undergraduate and Foundation Pathology Education Project Group has been established in order to take this work forward, with Leads focusing on three key areas: Foundation, Education and Engagement.  The Group has developed an Undergraduate and Foundation Education Strategy which was approved by Council in November 2018.

The College also works with other professional organisations including the Pathological Society and the British Division of the International Academy of Pathology to ensure that all undergraduates have an adequate knowledge of pathological principles and practice so that, on graduation, they have the competencies required to request appropriate laboratory tests and interpret their results. We hope that early exposure of undergraduates to enthusiastic pathologists will encourage recruitment to the specialty in the future.

In order to help achieve this aim, we offer free undergraduate membership to all UK and Republic of Ireland-based medical, veterinary and science undergraduates.

In September 2014, we also published a model Undergraduate Medical Curriculum which provides learning outcomes and competencies linked to the GMC publication, Tomorrows Doctors.

A commentary on web resources available to provide general information on pathology suitable for undergraduates is also available. 

The College, the Pathological Society and the BDIAP also run an annual Summer School for undergraduates that provides an opportunity for students to meet and spend time talking about the role of pathology and the exciting opportunities for career development.

Through the College (and other organisations) students may apply for bursaries to support intercalated research projects and periods of elective study.

Undergraduate members

Benefits, Eligibility & Application Process

  • Join our pathology summer school

    Five pathology organisations run an annual Summer School for undergraduates interested in a career in pathology. The next summer school is being planned for August 2019 - further details to follow

  • Undergraduate pathology curriculum

    New Pathology Undergraduate Curriculum coming soon!

  • Undergraduate web resources

    The following web resources are available to provide general information on pathology which are suitable for undergraduates and was first published in the College Bulletin in January 2014.

  • Foundation trainees

    Find out how the College continues to support Foundation trainees with an interest in pathology.