The Art of Pathology competition is now closed and will reopen in Spring 2020. Theme to be announced. 

Art of Pathology Competition 2019 

Each year, the College runs an Art of Pathology competition, where people of all ages can submit paintings, drawings, sculptures, digital art, collages or any other media on a specific theme.

This year’s theme was ‘Pathology: a new point of view’. Participants were invited to interpret this theme in their own unique and creative way, while exploring different aspects of pathology. We provided some ideas and useful links for those for whom pathology was a new topic (see below). The winners of the 2019 competition (in three age categories) have now been announced and are below.  

The judges of the Art of Pathology Competition are College Fellows, Dr Rachael Liebmann and Dr Shubha Allard, and science-based artist, Dr Lizzie Burns. Terms and Conditions document below for more information. 


A £50 prize is awarded to the most creative work in each category, and the winning entries are published on our website and featured in the College magazine, The Bulletin.

Prize winners 2019

Over 18s Category Winner

Gautham Kumar, 'Handshake'

“Take a look at this,” you say passing a slide. This one is particularly interesting. When pathologists share observations and ask questions, ambiguity is resolved, research is fuelled, and cases are cracked. The person beside you has a New Point of View and that could make all the difference.

Over 18s Category Runner-up (highly commended)

Mengye Li, 'The Past, the Present, the Future: Our Love Affair with Our Bugs'

Humans think we rule the world, but do we really? In the millions of years the Earth has existed, microbial organisms have occupied nearly every corner of this world, in habitats inhabitable to us humans.  We thought the discovery of antibiotics was the end of all infectious diseases. We thought we had it all. But we were wrong. In the evolutionary race between micro-organisms and us, we have never stopped running… and yet we have never moved. With the never ending development with antibiotic resistance, and the invested interest of pharmaceutical companies in the development of other more ‘profitable’ drugs, one day, we will have to pay for the price of antibiotic misuse.

11–18s Category Winner

Jasmine Claire Ferrer, ‘From a Microscopic View’

Pathologists hold a unique and powerful view, down the microscope, into a world of wonder of tissues, cells but also into the world of disease, its causes and effects, through bacteria, viruses, and other invaders or abnormal conditions. This unique view is not only for research purposes but provides the chance for the pathologist to understand the disease and potentially provide powerful clues and insights towards a diagnosis and cure for a patient. Who would think that the view through the microscope could be life changing?

11–18s Category Runner-up (highly commended)

Zora Kregar, 'Glands'

Pen drawing on semi-transparent paper, multiple layers. A4 format.

Looking through a microscope, a new world can be discovered! Sometimes, my mother shows me what she is doing at work, analyzing tissue. I like the forms and shapes a lot.

Under 11s Category Winner

Carys Logie, ‘It’s in the Genes’

My picture shows DNA and the red line (the red line that the magnifying glass is pointing to/nearest to) isn’t following the pattern. The pattern is swirls but the line has circles so it’s wrong. I coloured by background dark to light with a scientist in a nice white jacket.

Under 11s Category Runner-up (highly commended)

Swara Sooriyakumar, 'Pathology: A New Point of View'

My picture is about scientists and doctors finding ways to fight and cure diseases. Here you can see that there are submarines floating through the blood, searching for ways to fight and cure diseases. The submarines are delivering medication to the cancerous cells. I created this piece by using kitchen roll for the nucleus, tissue paper for blood flow, silver card to the angel wing medication and I used watercolour for the background. 

Commended Entries

The following entries were commended by the judges. 

Need inspiration?

Entrants are encouraged to consider the following questions to use as inspiration for their artwork.

  • What is pathology? This page provides an overview of pathology and includes a short video.
  • Did you know that there are 17 different specialties within pathology? You can explore one or more of these specialities when creating your artwork, or look at pathology as a whole. Visit our careers pages for more information.
  • Consider looking at things from a different perspective. For example, what would something look like if we zoomed into it or looked at it from far away, above or below?
  • Can you spot or create any pathology-related patterns? For example, with cell samples or equipment.
  • If we glanced into the future, what would pathology look like? What advancements are being made in pathology? How will new technology and research change the way pathologists work in future? How does the future of pathology link to its past?
  • What do the general public think pathologists do? Is this different to what pathologists actually do?
  • How do pathologists fit into healthcare teams? What insights do pathologists provide?


Further information

Read the Terms and Conditions for more information about the competition.

Please note, any personal data collected in this competition will be kept only for the duration of the competition to notify winners, to send back art entries and to pay winners. All information will be kept in compliance with the College’s privacy policy.

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