Art of Pathology competition

This year’s competition is a celebration of animals in pathology. From vaccination to the theory of evolution, pregnancy testing to the Rhesus factor in blood, animals have been significant to the practice of pathology.

We are seeking your best artistic creations of animals, big or small, that have played an important role in the work of pathologists and scientists around the world. For example, your drawing could be of an animal that spreads disease or one that has led to major advances in pathology.

Your artwork could be an illustration of Blossom the cow, a mosaic of a finch or a painting of a mosquito. Any artistic method will be accepted.

For inspiration have a look at the animals highlighted in our 50th anniversary publication, 'A History of Pathology in 50 objects'.


Prizes will be awarded in three categories:

  • Under 11 
  • 11 - 18 
  • Over 18

A £50 prize will be awarded to the most creative work in each category. 

How to enter

Entries for this competition are now closed

The best entries will be published on the website and featured in the College magazine, The Bulletin.

For more information please contact