7 March 2019

Past President Professor Sir James Underwood in conversation with Trainee Advisory Commitee Chair Dr Mathew Clarke about how histopathology has changed across the generations

Professor Sir James Underwood gained fellowship with the Royal College of Pathologists in 1984, with Dr Matthew Clarke gaining associate status in 2015. They both decided to specialise in histopathology, but at very different times.

In this video, Dr Clarke and Sir James discuss changes and similarities in training, sub-specialisation, autopsies, independent working and more. A few generations apart, what has stayed the same and what has changed?

Watch the full video to find out the changes - and similarities - between Dr Clarke's and Prof Sir Underwood's generation of working, training and researching in histopathology.

Professor James Underwood, Past President (2002-2005)

"I was a trainee until the last day of my professional life".

The conversation was filmed in the new Members Area of the College. All members of the College are welcomed and encouraged to visit.