5 November 2018

Our 10th National Pathology Week is upon us! Thank you for everything you’ve done so far – here’s how to get involved this week.

National Pathology Week highlights the vital contribution pathologists and scientists make to healthcare. This week, the College and its members will be busy running stands, giving talks and delivering activities to inspire and inform people across the UK.  

This year, our big focus is on careers. Prior to NPW, we shared with you a number of new resources aimed at facilitating conversations with young people and students about pathology – including a how-to guide on running a ‘living autopsy’ and advice on visiting schools. You’ve responded by organising over 100 events up and down the country, from painting sessions to tea parties, to help raise awareness of the life-saving work of pathologists and scientists.   

From quizzes and science fairs, and from careers talks and school visits, to open pathology laboratories, every year pathologists and laboratory scientists across the UK host hundreds of events to celebrate National Pathology Week.

The aim of the week is to engage people of all ages to improve awareness and understanding of how pathologists and scientists are involved prevention, treatment and diagnosis of disease.

A message from our President

I am always amazed at the number and range of events that take place throughout National Pathology Week. I would like take this opportunity to thank our members from across the UK for the creativity and energy they put in to organising and hosting events. The feedback we receive from people who attend is always overwhelmingly positive. – President Jo Martin 

How you can get involved

Take part in #SecretsOfTheLab

Fancy winning a £100 restaurant gift card to take your team out for lunch? Post your favourite pathology fact on Twitter or Instagram – including a picture or video and the hashtag #SecretsOfTheLab – and you’ll be entered into our prize draw! Find out more.

Signpost our careers resources

The link rcpath.org/careers will take you to our 40+ pages of new careers content. Share this shortlink with any students, trainees or undergraduates you know, so they can read first-hand accounts of what it’s like to work in each specialty.

Share our videos

Tomorrow, we’ll be going live on Facebook at 3:50pm with a talk from Dr Lorna Williamson, exploring different pathways into pathology careers. Help us reach a wider audience by logging on and sharing the video via your own page. You’ll be able to access the video after the event too, via our Facebook page.

Throughout the week, we’ll also be releasing a series of videos that show what it’s really like to work in the main four pathology specialties – microbiology, histopathology, chemical pathology and haematology. Keep your eyes on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram this week for the launch!

Attend an event near you

Find out what’s happening in your area via our public events calendar.

As always, we’d love to hear what you’re up to this week, no matter how big or small. You can Tweet coverage of your event to @rcpath or alternatively email us at publicengagement@rcpath.org. Here’s to a fantastic celebration!