Protecting patient safety

Learning from good practice – and from mistakes – is key to making healthcare safer and better.

We are not always systematic in our approach to this, despite good reporting systems, strong governance oversight and dedicated staff. National surveys have shown that this absence of reflective learning is a widespread problem; approximately 75% of healthcare staff saying that they don't regularly get updates on safety issues or get told about best practice outside their own department. 

Improving safety and quality in pathology, including integrated learning from mistakes and understanding the role of human factors, is a key priority for the College.

Our Patient Safety and Quality Strategy

The College’s Patient Safety and Quality Strategy sets out our approach to the continual improvement of the safety of services and care that pathologists and their teams provide.

Three themes underpin the strategy: creating a patient safety culture; continuous improvement; and encouraging the involvement of pathologists, patients, families and carers. The strategy falls under the College’s strategic objective to promote excellence and advance knowledge in pathology practice.