Patient Safety and Quality Strategy

This strategy sets out how the College will support patient safety. It falls under the strategic objective to promote excellence and advance knowledge in pathology practice.

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Patient safety is one of the most significant concerns across the NHS and a key priority for the College.

Three themes underpin this strategy: safety culture, continuous improvement and encouraging involvement – of pathology professionals as well as patients, families, carers and other lay people – in the provision of ever safer care in pathology.

Through this strategy, the College aims to engage and empower pathologists and their teams, at all stages in their careers, to continuously improve the safety of the services and care they provide. The College will support the development of safer cultures and systems with patient-centred collaborative working across the interfaces of care.

We will work in partnership with our membership, patients, the public, specialist societies and external bodies to ensure that the contribution of all pathology specialties to patient safety and quality of care is recognised.

The College’s vision of patient safety

  • Compassionate professional leadership that supports a strong safety culture across all areas of service delivery including the importance of teamwork, staff psychological safety and wellbeing and openness and support for learning.
  • Increased capability and capacity for continuous improvement of safety and quality of care across the pathology workforce. Networked learning so that success and failures identified in one part of the system can be readily accessed, understood and built into others.  
  • Pathology is represented and involved in local and national initiatives to improve patient safety.
  • The voice of patients, their families and carers is heard at every level of the service.