From the Editor

From the Editor

Welcome to the first Bulletin issue of 2023 as we emerge from another hugely challenging year.

From the President

From the President

The College President, Mike Osborn, reflects on some of the work he and the College have been doing over the past year and especially since October.

Achievements and challenges in pathology

Introducing the theme of Achievements and challenges

In this article, Bulletin editor Dr Shubha Allard introduces the theme of achievements and challenges in pathology.

Five years of digital pathology at the College

In this article, Digital Pathology Lead Darren Treanor celebrates the achievements in digital pathology since the creation of his role and looks forward to the challenges of developing the use of technology in clinical practice.


Thousands of cases of monkeypox have been identified outside the African continent. Unexpectedly, and contrary to previous isolated cases, the current spread occurs among individuals with no clear direct or indirect links with endemic countries. As it spreads, multiple questions are raised about this mysterious virus.

Blood culture pathway

Improving the blood culture pathway is a global issue. NHS England's recent report outlined the key steps and recommendations necessary for the NHS to lead the world in setting the standard for blood culture practices.

Profile: Vicki Chalker, Chief Scientific Officer, NHS Blood and Transplant

'Everyone I have met in NHS Blood and Transplant is dedicated to helping patients.' In this article, newly appointed Chief Scientific Officer, Vicki Chalker, covers the challenges facing transfusion and transplantation services and highlights the positive progress in developing the workforce and advancing scientific understanding.

UK Transfusion Laboratory Collaborative

The Serious Hazards of Transfusion haemovigilance scheme has identified various shortcomings in transfusion laboratories across the UK. Accordingly, a programme was developed in collaboration with the College and other stakeholders to identify and improve best practice recommendations in transfusion laboratory practice. This article highlights their many achievements.

Blood shortages

NHS Blood and Transplant supplies approximately 1.6 million units of blood per year to all hospitals in England – an essential service for patient care across a wide range of acute clinical specialties. An amber alert was triggered on 12 October 2022 for the first time due to a shortage of red blood cells.

Featured articles

60 years of the Royal College of Pathologists

In this article, Professor Sarah Coupland and Timuchin Dindjer reflect on the successes of the College throughout our 60th anniversary celebrations in 2022.

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