FRCPath Overseas Examinations

Our international exam centres

The FRCPath examinations are open to overseas candidates and the College has several overseas examination centres. Diploma and Part I written exams (including MCQs and EMQs) can be arranged in the following areas:

  • Cairo (Egypt) 
  • Dubai (UAE) *
  • Hong Kong 
  • Irbil (Iraq)
  • Irbid (Jordan)** 
  • Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) 
  • Khartoum (Sudan)
  • Kuwait 
  • Delhi (India)  
  • Rawalpindi (Pakistan) 
  • Singapore

* FRCPath Part II Haematology exam only

** FRCPath Part II Histopathology exam only

Please note that the Diploma practical, Part 1 Practical, Part 1 Oral and Part 2 exams (with the exception of Histopathology and Haematology) can only be sat in the UK. 

All information about the examinations is available on the examinations section of the website.

Further guidance can be found on our FAQ page.  

Status of the FRCPath

The College is aware that there is some confusion about the equivalence of qualifications awarded in different countries. Each country has evolved its own training schemes and methods of assessment of those who have undergone that training. Please visit the examinations section for more information on the status of the FRCPath. 

Please note

All candidates must read the regulations and guidelines, both the general regulations and the relevant candidate information for their specialty. Applicants NOT in the UK should also read the specialty curriculum as the exams are designed around the relevant UK training.

There is guidance in the examination regulations and guidelines about the standard of English required by candidates in order to attempt the examination.

How to make an application

For guidance on how to apply and pay for the exam, please visit the Examinations section of the website. 

Past and sample papers

We aim to make as many past and sample papers available as we can. Those that we are able to publish can be found on the relevant examinations specialty page.