Frequently Asked Questions

International Medical Graduates Wishing to Obtain Training in the UK

I want to be a pathologist. What qualifications do I need?

Can the College find me a training post?

How do I get a clinical attachment?

Will moving to the UK prior to obtaining a training post increase my chances of success in recruitment rounds?

Where can I get more information about becoming a Consultant in the UK?

Do I need to be registered with the College in order to perform postmortems in the UK? Even if I am currently registered with the GMC?

Do you offer training programmes for overseas candidates in the UK?

Where can I find further information regarding the forensic pathology programme?

Obtaining General Medical Council Registration

What are the different routes to GMC registration in the UK?

How do I obtain General Medical Council (GMC) registration?

Do I need to be registered with the GMC in order to train in the UK?

I am currently registered with the GMC. Do I also need to be registered with the College in order to work as a consultant in the UK?

Medical Training Initiative - MTI(Path)

What is the Medical Training Initiative (MTI)?

What are the different routes to sponsorship?

Do you sponsor posts in immunology?

How can I find out more about the sponsorship process?

How can I find out if I'm eligible for this scheme?

Do I have to pass the FRCPath Part I examination in order to be eligible for the MTI(path)?

How will I know when applications are open?

How do I apply?

Scheme Fees

What can I do to prepare?

Will I be paid a salary whilst on the MTI(path) scheme?

Why are only some of the MTI(Path) posts funded?

I would like to apply for an unfunded post. What information do I need to supply?

How do I know if my Primary Medical Qualification (PMQ) is acceptable?

Do I need to clear PLAB in order to apply for the MTI(Path) scheme?

What English Language test do I have to pass?

Will my scholarship be subject to tax whilst in the UK?

I am currently in the UK on a Tier 2 dependent visa. Can I apply for the scheme from the UK?

Can the MTI(Path) contribute to a CESR application?

Can I shift from one speciality to another after completing one year? For example from histopathology to neuropathology

How do Trusts benefit from the MTI scheme?

How can I offer an MTI trainee a post at my hospital?

Work Permits

What are the new regulations for work permits for international medical graduates?

How will the changes to work permit regulations affect me?

Who is exempt from the work permit regulations?

Can the College obtain a work permit for me?

FRCPath Overseas Examinations

How can I find out if I’m eligible to take the FRCPath examination?

How do I apply to take the FRCPath exam?

Where can I find information about International examination centres?

Is the FRCPath/Diploma written exam sat overseas at the same time as the written exam in the UK?

Is it mandatory to pass the MRCP before sitting the FRCPath in haematology?

Membership of the College

How can I become a member of the College?