Wessex PERCs

In recent years, the College has recognised the importance of explaining its work and the work of pathologists to the wider public, through the establishment of the Public Engagement programme.

The programme has been a great success and to maintain momentum we have recruited Public Engagement Regional Coordinators (PERCs), to work with the College’s Director of Engagement and Publishing and the Public Engagement Manager, as well as their regional Council in delivering the programme successfully across the UK. The PERC role is a voluntary position and helps provide support to those organising events in their region.

Public Engagement Regional Coordinator (Wessex)

  • Dr Meg Ashton-Key

    I am passionate about pathology and keen to promote the role of pathology to students, hospital staff and members of the public. Pathology is a very important part of patient management but in many instances the role of pathology is under-recognised. Improving the profile of pathology has many potential benefits, including improving recruitment of all grades of staff and improving the understanding of the role of pathology in research. I aim to pass my enthusiasm on to the next generation of potential pathologists, biomedical scientists and laboratory workers!
    Email: [email protected]