Veterinary Pathology SAC

Veterinary pathology is the branch of pathology concerned with investigation of disease in animals. Veterinary pathologists further specialise in a diverse range of species groups.

Veterinary Anatomic Pathology FRCPath Examination Statement

Chair: Professor Roberto La Ragione

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Careers in Veterinary pathology

Looking to find out more about a career in veterinary pathology? The links below will give you more information about this specialty, including interviews with pathologists in this field.

  • Careers for vets

    Veterinary pathology underpins all aspects of clinical disease management in animals. When a vet requests a diagnostic test for an animal – be it a pet, zoo animal or livestock – it’s a veterinary pathologist who will investigate and diagnose.

Career case studies

  • Debra Fews, Veterinary Pathologist

    I see unusual cases or unusual presentations of cases on a regular basis as a veterinary pathologist and am also exposed to a wide range of species.

  • Dr Vini Pintos, Veterinary Microbiologist

    My favourite part of my job is the possibility of combining lab work with medical cases. It is very gratifying to know that we are responsible for helping clinicians to solve cases and in some cases avoid the needless use of antimicrobials.

  • Alex Civello: Crumble’s eye tumour

    As a specialist in veterinary ocular pathology, Alex Civello sees eye cases from lots of different species. Here, he describes a case from a dog called Crumble.