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Veterinary pathology is the branch of pathology concerned with investigation of disease in animals. Veterinary pathologists further specialise in a diverse range of species groups.

Veterinary Anatomic Pathology FRCPath Examination Statement

Chair: Professor Roberto La Ragione

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Celebrating our specialties 

Discover more about ongoing developments and key achievements in vetinary pathology in our Bulletin articles.

  • The key role of veterinary pathology in public health

    In this article, SAC Chair Professor Roberto La Ragione explains the vital role of veterinary pathologists and microbiologists in developing a greater understanding of disease processes and treatments that not only help animals, but also humans.

  • The journey to a greener pathology laboratory

    Reducing the environmental impact of pathology laboratories while maintaining high standards is a balancing act that requires further exploration. In this article, we hear from the newly established BSVP Green Team and their work to improve sustainability in veterinary laboratories.

  • Six decades of advancement in forensic veterinary pathology

    In this article, College Fellows, veterinary pathologist Professor John Cooper FRCPath with his wife and colleague, animal lawyer Mrs Margaret Cooper HonFRCPath, discuss the history and development of forensic veterinary medicine, from its beginnings as an unrecognised specialisation to its growing presence in the training and practice of pathologists.