Veterinary Pathology

This curriculum has been prepared by the Veterinary Pathology Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC) to provide trainees, educational supervisors and trainers with guidance on how to prepare for the College entrance examinations in veterinary pathology.

Veterinary Pathology Curriculum

A case log to accompany the curriculum has been produced for reference and/or use. It is not mandatory for trainees to use the case log and they may use case logs provided by their employer.

Veterinary Anatomic Pathology Case Log

There are currently three internationally recognised veterinary pathology qualifications (FRCPath, ECVP and ACVP) that residents can work towards. Each qualification varies in its respective training and examination format. In additional, individual training Centres may differ in how their respective training is delivered and assessed. However, all residents must satisfy themselves that the training offered meets the requirements of the respective College examination they are working towards. If clarification is required, residency candidates should contact the Examinations office of the respective Colleges to discuss their queries.

Veterinary Pathology Workplace Based Assessments

Veterinary Pathology Reading List