Trainee news

NUS Extra card

From September 2016, trainees can now apply to buy an NUS Extra card for up to three years. Further details can be found here.

Higher Specialist Scientist Training (HSST)

The National School for Healthcare Science (NSHCS) and the Manchester Academy for Healthcare Scientist Education (MAHSE) have both published Handbooks about the HSST programme for Clinical Scientists.  Please see the relevant specialty HSST pages for more information.

A joint statement from The Royal College of Pathologists, NSHCS and MAHSE has also been published outlining the informal agreements made so far with regard to the FRCPath, DClinSci and the ICS Project.

Outline of arrangements for transitional arrangements in the pathology specialties

The GMC released a position statement in November 2012 entitled ‘Moving to the Current Curriculum’. Please see the individual specialty training pages for more information about the transfer of trainees to the most recent curriculum.

Tax Relief for Medical Trainees' 

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has agreed that mandatory trainee registration fees are now tax deductible. This means that tax relief can be claimed on any 'trainee registration fee payable by a Specialty Registrar (StR) to a body which recommends StRsto the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council for the award of a Certificate of Completion of Training under section 34L of the Medical Act 1983(2).' Further information and guidance on how to claim relief for fees can be found online at the HMRC website.

CCT application timescales

The General Medical Council (GMC) has approved the introduction of a limit on the timeframe within which a doctor is able to apply for a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT). This limit will be 12 months from the doctor's expected end of training date. Doctors who do not apply for a CCT in time will continue to have the ability to enter the Specialist Register but they will need to do so via the equivalence route of CESR and provide the necessary documentation to confirm their current competence.

A Charter for Postgraduate Medical Training: The Value of the Doctor in Training

In March 2014, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges launched The Value of the Doctor in Training. This Charter has been developed by the Academy Trainee Doctors' Group as part of the Shape of Training Review and in line with its aims. It defines the guiding principles for the delivery of and participation in medical training across the four nations of the United Kingdom, building on the Charter for Medical Training, developed by the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.


Every doctor who is fully registered with a licence to practise from the General Medical Council must revalidate. This includes doctors in specialty training. For further information on revalidation for trainees see the FAQs for doctors in training.