Webinars: What I Wish I’d Known

The Trainee Advisory Committee has worked closely with the Learning and Communications directorates in the College to produce videos to support trainees as they prepare for the examinations. The last year has been challenging for everyone but none more so than trainees who, as well as having their training impacted, have continued to prepare for their College examinations. These videos are intended to provide tips and advice to support trainees through the next few months. Videos will be added for other specialties as soon as they are available. We are very grateful to the trainees who have provided them.

Please note that any information about the format and timings of examinations contained in the videos are not intended to replace the College’s examination regulations and guidelines. The videos are intended to provide informal tips and advice only and candidates should refer to the College examination regulation and guidelines to ensure they are familiar with all formal requirements of their examination.

Med micro what I wish I'd known.JPG

Medical Microbiology FRCPath Part 2

Dr Zoie Aiken: MSc PhD, FRCPath (5th year HSST Clinical Scientist in Microbiology, PHE/Manchester Foundation Trust)

Histopathology what I wish I'd known.JPG

Histopathology FRCPath Part 2

Dr Ali Ben-Mussa: ST6 Histopathology, Royal Victoria Hospital - Belfast


Preparing for the FRCPath Part 2

Dr Veronica Moyo: Histopathology trainee

Learning in lockdown.JPG

Learning in Lockdown

Dr Nichola Gaunt, Dr Umar Hussain and Dr Sarah Ruane: Trainee Representatives (2018-2021)

Haematology What I Wish I'd Known.JPG

Haematology FRCPath Part 2

Dr Dana Warcel, Haematology SpR, NC London Rotation