This page is for trainees approaching the end of their training and preparing to apply for a consultant post for the first time. A variety of resources are available here to provide support and guidance. In addition, this will be supported by a New Consultant Day that will be held at the College in April.

When taking up a new consultant post, please remember to update your contact details with the College, either by logging into your MyRCPath account, click on 'My Account' from the menu on the right, or by emailing the Membership Department with your amended details.

‘Top tips’ for new pathology consultants

Consultants across the pathology specialties provide helpful advice for new consultants.

Professor Mike Osborn, RCPath President

  • Everything you do as a doctor should be for the benefit of patients.

  • Feeling anxious is natural, but you have done the training & passed your exams. You are ready. Believe in yourself.

  • Treat everyone you work with whatever their role with respect.

Professor Angharad Davies, RCPath Vice President for Learning

  • Remember you are recently trained, bang up-to-date and bring fresh ideas - making you extremely valuable to the team.

Dr Ali Robb, RCPath North England Council Representative

  • Never be afraid to ask or say you don’t know.
  • Say no to extra roles for a bit until you decide which you want to do.
  • E-portfolios never go away! Set a bit of time in your diary every month to keep on top of it.
  • Outlook is your friend - use it well.


Leadership, coaching and mentoring resources


The NHS Leadership Academy provides a range of resources for health and care leadership development, including links to regional coaching and mentoring resources. NHS Leadership Academy has centralised its coaching resources and they are now held here for all of England.



Northern Ireland

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