Register as a Veterinary Pathology Trainee

How can trainees register?

Trainees in the following specialties should complete the registration form below if they wish to register

  • Anatomic Veterinary Pathology
  • Clinical Veterinary Pathology
  • Veterinary Microbiology

What documentation should be submitted with the registration form?

Trainees must email evidence of their appointment to their current training post to [email protected].

Is there a registration fee?

There is an annual registration fee of £50 (subject to annual inflation increases as determined by the College). The fee applies from August each year, with no decrease applied if trainees register partially through the year.

For trainees, the College operates a ‘one fee only’ policy as follows:

  • Veterinary pathologists who are registered with the College as a trainee, but who subsequently apply to become a Diplomate, or who become a Fellow, may continue to be a registered trainee until they complete their training. Such trainees must pay the Diplomate or Fellowship fee but will not have to pay the registration fee.
  • Veterinary pathologists who are still in training and already a Diplomate or Fellow can register but will not need to pay the additional registration fee.

Please note that trainees are expected to pay the registration fee for each year up to and including year 3. Trainees who become a Diplomate or Fellow earlier than 3 years will be required to move to paying a Diplomate or Fellowship fee.

How can the fee be paid?

The registration fee must be paid online via the College website following the submission of a registration form to the Training Department. Following a request from the College for payment, trainees must log in to the College website and pay the registration within 14 days of the request.

How do I renew my registration after the first year?

Trainees will be asked to set up a direct debit to pay their registration fee automatically after the first year and will be notified in advance when this is due to happen. Alternatively, trainees will be contacted by the Finance team and asked to pay the annual fee by a certain date. Failure to pay by the deadline set will result in trainees no longer being registered with the College.

What are the benefits of registration?

The benefits of registration with the Royal College of Pathologists will include:

  1. Full access to the relevant curriculum.
  2. A welcome letter from the Chair of the Veterinary Pathology SAC.
  3. Information about the College’s Trainees Advisory Committee – the committee that represents trainees in the College.
  4. Access to ‘MyRCPath’ including access to the member’s handbook, draft consultations, Council and other College committee minutes and previous issues of the Bulletin. The Members Handbook includes details of individual members but as a Registered Trainee, your details will not be listed in the Members Handbook.
  5. Access to the quarterly Bulletin and all College mailings (including the monthly e-newsletter) for the duration of training.
  6. Notification of College Scientific Meetings at reduced rates.
  7. Discounts on pathology titles (behind member login).
  8. As a registered trainee of the RCPath, you are able to buy a TOTUM PRO Card which offers discounts across a range of over 200 retailers.
  9. Access to a range of CPD events.

What happens if any of my details change after registration?

If any of your details change after registration, you must inform the Training Department.

What happens if I go on maternity leave?

If you are on maternity leave, please inform the Training Department at the College. They will inform the Finance Department who will recalculate the registration fee for the year accordingly.

Further queries about registering with the College

Any queries concerning the registration process should be directed to:

Adobea Akuffo
Training Co-ordinator
email: [email protected]

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