Veterinary Clinical Pathology

Veterinary clinical pathology includes the core areas of:

1. Clinical Biochemistry and Other Testing (including biochemistry, endocrinology, ELISA tests, blood gas and acid-base evaluation, and protein electrophoresis)

2. Haematology/Coagulation

3. Urinalysis

4. Miscellaneous Topics (including the light microscope, miscellaneous equipment, Pharmaceutical/Toxicological Pathology and other types of testing)

5. Cytology/Histology

6. Laboratory Quality and Management

Part 1

Veterinary Clinical Pathology Part 1 Examination

Format and structure of the Part 1 Examination

Part 2

Veterinary Clinical Pathology Part 2 Examination

Part 2 Examination: Introduction

Cytology Glass Slides

Haematology Glass Slides

Clinical Case Write Ups

Practical Examination: Summary