Examination Results

Results for the BMS, Stage A, Certificate, Diploma and Fellowship examinations will appear by midday on the advised date for release of results. Results will be released here by candidate number only. 

Candidates are requested not to telephone the Examinations department regarding their result. College staff are not permitted, in any circumstances, to discuss or give out examination results by telephone or email.

All results letters will be sent by first class or airmail post on the same day they are published here. We would request that you wait until at least Wednesday the following week for your letter to arrive before requesting another copy. 


Please note there are TWO result lists below - one for those with an 'A' candidate number and one for those with an 'S' candidate number. 


Each deanery will receive a list of their trainees who have taken an examination along with the respective results. This ensures that deaneries are aware of all of the trainees undertaking the examination and to allow them to provide early support for trainees who fail.