From the Editor

From the Editor

Welcome to the April Bulletin. Spring is in the air and so is optimism around the possibility of some return to normal functioning in our work and personal lives. I suspect I am not alone in facing the paradox of feeling exhausted but with undertones of restless energy as we yearn for more certainty.

From the President

From the President

Hello and welcome to the April 2021 issue of the Bulletin. This issue highlights genomics and has a variety of illuminating articles exploring this important theme. Genomics is an exciting, rapidly developing area and one which promises huge advances in diagnosis and, ultimately, in patient care. It will help us on the path to truly personalised medicine.


The integration of genomics into pathology: our promising future

As the College’s new Vice President for Communications and Genomics Lead, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the Bulletin’s special edition on genomic medicine.

Genomic testing for haematological malignancies: the next generation

Genomics has long been important in the diagnosis and treatment of haematological malignancies. Now, advanced diagnostic technologies promise to improve outcomes not just for haematological patients, but all patients with cancer.

The 100,000 Genomes Project: research and clinical legacy

By sequencing whole genomic data from NHS patients, the 100,000 Genomes Project seeks to transform the clinical treatment of cancer and rare disease.

Pharmacogenomics in cancer management

The NHS’s National Genomic Test Directory has been launched in England. With it comes DPYD gene testing, an important example of pharmacogenomics in cancer care that moves us another step closer to personalised medicine.

Pathology workforce and training in genomic medicine

To successfully deliver the Genome UK strategic vision, the pathology workforce must receive the training necessary to integrate genomic information with morphological pathology.

Incorporating genomics testing into clinical biochemistry services

This article highlights key opportunities and challenges to integrating the genomic medicine vision and data analytics with consolidated frontline laboratory medicine networks to maximise benefits for patients and deliver the promise of precision medicine.

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