From the Editor

From the Editor

Welcome to the January 2021 Bulletin. What an exceptionally stressful year, culminating in a rather non-festive and muted seasonal break with many other uncertainties yet to come.

From the President

From the President

Hello and welcome to the January 2021 Bulletin. This is my first Editorial as president and it is a great honour to be able to speak to you directly. The Bulletin is a great way to highlight the diversity, professionalism and achievements of you all, our fantastic pathology workforce.

Celebrating the pathology workforce

Celebrating the pathology workforce – Celebration in challenging times

One side effect of the pandemic has been a much wider understanding of the importance of pathology. Dr Esther Youd outlines the many ways in which the profession is strengthening and safeguarding its vital workforce for the future.

The second RCPath/BDIAP Foundation taster event and the Foundation Fellowship Scheme

In the summer of COVID, the College’s second taster event moved online and proved no less a success. Meanwhile, as Dr Angharad Davies reports, 24 new Foundation Fellows were appointed.

Higher Specialist Scientific Training in pathology: an overview

Lisa Ayers and Professor Berne Ferry summarise the key aspects of the Higher Specialist Scientific Training programme, which prepares healthcare scientists for consultant posts.

Diversity and inclusion: a College perspective

Diversity and inclusion are essential to ensuring the College serves all its members. Dr Esther Youd outlines plans already in motion to embed a real and continuous change in our culture.

Making diversity and inclusion matter at the National School of Healthcare Science

Inspired by the national solidarity shown in the face of COVID-19, and 2020’s many reminders of the persistence of systemic racism, the National School of Healthcare Science decided to lead by example.

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