Cellular Pathology SAC

Cellular pathology describes the group of pathology specialties that study changes in cells and tissues to make a diagnosis. It includes 20 subspecialties, such as neuropathology, dermatopathology and haematopathology.

Chair: Dr Adrian Bateman

Committee Members

Careers in cellular pathology

Looking to find out more about a career in cellular pathology? The links below will give you more information about this specialty, including interviews with pathologists in this field. 

  • Become a histopathologist

    Whenever tissue is taken from a person’s body to be examined, a histopathologist is responsible for examining the sample and returning a diagnosis.

Career case studies

  • Dr Rachel Brown, Histopathologist

    My areas of interest are liver/pancreas and head and neck pathology so I might be looking at a liver removed at transplantation or a partial liver resection or pancreatic resection for tumour.