From the Editor

From the editor

Welcome to the April Bulletin.

From the President

From the President

Hello again and welcome to the April issue of the Bulletin.

The science behind the cure

The science behind the cure – the quest for the Holy Grail?

Dr Shubha Allard introduces 'The science behind the cure' as the theme for the April Bulletin, showcasing the meaningful progress that has been made across pathology specialties.

Haemophilia and gene therapy

Alan Mitchell and Priyanka Raheja explore the development of the haemophilia treatments, looking to a future where gene therapy may revolutionise the treatment landscape.

RESTORE – the first human trials on in vitro red cells for transfusion

In this article, Rebecca McDonald and Professor Cedric Ghevaert update us on the next steps to achieving in vitro-produced red cells and platelets for transfusion to humans.

Antimicrobial resistance – the slow pandemic

This 2022 lecture on the subject ‘Antimicrobial resistance – the slow pandemic’ was given by Professor Dame Sally Davies as part of our Diamond Jubilee lectures.

Managing multiple myeloma in 2023

Professor Guy Pratt explores the challenges of managing multiple myeloma in today's world.

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