Microbiology webinar recording


The College delivered a webinar in partnership with the Egyptian Committee for Pathology Training and Shefa Al-Orman hospital on Tuesday 28 November. The webinar focused on microbiology challenges in oncology practice in the UK and Egypt.


The agenda of the webinar is outlined below:

  • Introduction – Professor Angharad Davies, Professor Mona El-Bahrawy, Professor Mona Wassef.
  • The Practice and Challenges Microbiologists Shefa Al-Orman hospital faces – Professor Mona Wassef.
  • Diagnosis of Fungal infections – Professor Lewis White.
  • Management of difficult and resistant Gram-negative infections – Dr Edward Bevan.
  • IPC considerations in the management of CPE and other Gram-negative MDRO transmission in Haemato-oncology units – Dr Manjula Meda.
  • Panel Discussion – moderated by Professor Angharad Davies.