International Response to Covid-19

This page contains videos of talks delivered at an educational workshop in Tukmenistan and the 2020 International Pathology Day conference.  


The College recently worked alongside other organisations to help deliver an educational workshop to healthcare and ministry workers in Turkmenistan focusing on COVID-19 prevention, preparedness and research.

During the summer, the British Embassy in Turkmenistan approached the College for support and help, particularly in jointly hosting a webinar workshop between British leading virology and microbiology research centres and institutes and representatives of the Turkmen national healthcare system. The webinar was held via Zoom for an audience in attendance at the International Scientific-Educational Centre of the Ministry of Healthcare and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan.

Senior scientists and professors from internationally renowned UK universities, institutes and government agencies shared their continuous efforts in the area of COVID-19 prevention and scientific research with the Turkmen medical workers, healthcare specialists and representatives of the Ministry of Healthcare and Medical Industry.

The presentations highlighted a variety of challenges and concerns around the COVID-19 crisis. Speakers discussed the importance of hand washing and mask wearing and talked about the basics of coronaviruses, their genetic history and explored the mutation of the virus, as well as tracing the sources of infection. The talks also included the methods and techniques for protecting medical workers in the UK and the immune response to the virus.

This was an interactive event with the audience asking questions about the latest research, outcomes and best practice in the UK. It helped to highlight that this is a global effort and cooperation between countries will be a key factor in solving challenges and overcoming the pandemic. We were delighted to be involved in helping to set up this event and this is to be the start of ongoing collaboration between the UK and Turkmenistan with further workshops scheduled for this year.

International Pathology Day 2020: Infection through the lens of COVID-19 with an international viewpoint

For International Pathology Day last November together with The PathologistThe British Society for Haematology and sponsor Sonic Healthcare UK we hosted a virtual conference where we welcomed an audience that spanned nearly every continent. 

Four expert international speakers delivered fascinating talks and the topic of the roundtable discussion, why international knowledge sharing is a winner generated an interesting and thought-provoking panel discussion.  The four talks and roundtable can be viewed on-demand further down.

Other aspects of the day included a poster competition sponsored by Sonic Health Care UK and singer song-writer Rod Gozzett performed a special music tribute for health care professionals worldwide.  

From around the world the hashtag #IPD2020 was used across social media platforms by many members and non-members of the College to champion, raise awareness and to celebrate the work of pathologists and laboratory medicine professionals. You can read more about the day’s activities in our  celebrating International Pathology Day blog.