The standard required to pass the Diploma in Dermatopathology is that of a medical expert specialist offering a diagnostic opinion in dermatopathology to local and often more distant colleagues. Candidates for the examination will be expected to demonstrate considerable knowledge in all aspects of dermatopathology, at a standard beyond that required to pass the FRCPath examination in histopathology.

Candidates must hold a minimum of either the FRCPath in histopathology, or hold the Certificate of Competence of Training (CCT) in dermatology, or be within a year of being eligible for the CCT in dermatology. Candidates from countries other than the UK must have an equivalent qualification or similar accreditation status.

Newly qualified candidates (with FRCPath and CCT in dermatology) to the examination will normally be expected to have undertaken a minimum of one year’s training at a centre with a specialised dermatopathology service and a consultant dermatopathologist who holds the Diploma in Dermatopathology. The candidate should spend the year in a specialised service with rotations through dermatology/pathology depending on background.

Experienced candidates may occasionally be permitted to sit the examination without completing the training programme at a training centre. This variance will be at the discretion of the Chair of Examiners in Dermatopathology and Clinical Director of Training and Assessment at The Royal College of Pathologists.

The same standards will apply to both histopathologists and dermatologists in respect of their knowledge to pass the examination.

Diploma Written Examination

Dermatopathology Written Examination

Format of the written examination

Diploma Practical Examination

Dermatopathology Practical Examination

Dermatopathology Practical Examination