In 2021, the GMC officially approved the new Immunology curricula, which included the creation of two new training pathways. These two pathways are Allergy and Clinical Immunology (ACI), and Allergy, Clinical, and Laboratory Immunology (ACLI). These pathways were implemented in August 2021 following GMC approval.

As a result of the new curricula, the College have updated its Immunology examinations to reflect these changes.  The Part 1 examination will now be referred to as the Part 1 Immunology examination, or the Allergy and Clinical Immunology Certificate Examination (ACICE). The Part 1 examination will be taken by candidates who are on the ACLI training pathway, and the ACICE examination will be taken by candidates on the ACI training pathway.

Candidates on the ACLI training pathway will progress on to the Part 2 Immunology examination. Candidates on the ACI training pathway will not take the Part 2 examination. Further details on the examination can be found below.

For Clinical Scientists, candidates should refer to the UK curriculum as a guideline on their eligibility to take the exam. 

Part 1

Immunology Part 1 Examination

Part 1: Medical Candidates

Format of the Immunology Part 1 Examination

Part 1: Non-medical candidates

Part 2

Immunology Part 2 Examination

Part 2: Introduction

Immunology Practical Examination

Immunology Oral Examination

Immunology Written Project