Paediatric Pathology

Paediatric and perinatal pathology is concerned with identification of disease in the fetus infant and child. It is age-specific rather than organ-specific and includes investigation of that organ unique to the fetus, the placenta. The spectrum of disease in this age range is very different from that seen in adults and the interaction of congenital malformation and  growth of the child interact to produce unique pathology. Degenerative disease is unusual in children, but tumours are relatively common, albeit the types of tumour are different to those in adults. Because of the smaller numbers of cases involved, perinatal and paediatric pathology departments are concentrated in larger centres.

Candidates sit the Part 1 examination in Histopathology before proceeding to the Part 2 in Paediatric Pathology.

Part 2

Paediatric Pathology Part 2 Examination

Format of the examination

Paediatric Pathology Sample Cases