Specialty Coordinators

Here you will find a brief profile of our Public Engagement Specialty Coordinators (PESCs). The main role of a PESC is to facilitate public engagement within their pathology specialty. If you are interested in becoming the PESC for your specialty, please contact us on [email protected]

Public Engagement Specialty Coordinators

  • Dr Ayesha Azam


    Pathologists may not always see patients directly, but we perform a life-saving role in patient care – especially in cancer services. Clearly, the public perception of pathology is very different from the reality, and much of our work goes unseen. Because of this, science communication has been important to me since the very start of my pathology career. My first project was organising a histopathology stand at a regional careers fair. Since then, I’ve run sessions on various platforms; including the BMJ Careers Fair, local hospitals, universities, medical schools as well as internationally.
    In have organised pathology promotion workshops for school children – our future pathologists - during National Pathology Week. The RCPath’s Public Engagement team is doing vital work to raise awareness and understanding of pathology across UK – and internationally too. Winning the Furness Prize (2016) has further boosted my motivation and I would like to encourage more pathologists to get involved in this type of work and to help raise our profile as a profession. It doesn’t only benefit pathology’s image – I personally find science communication highly enjoyable.

    Email: [email protected]

  • Debra Fews

    Veterinary Pathology

    Pathology is a fascinating science, but relatively few animal owners realise the role that veterinary pathology, including veterinary clinical pathology, plays in veterinary practice, in the diagnosis and therefore treatment of animal conditions and diseases. As with medical pathology, scientists of all levels are involved in laboratories and post mortem rooms, and it is important to make students aware of these possible career paths. With this in mind, I have registered as a STEMNET ambassador and hope to encourage other veterinary pathologists to do the same, and encourage students of all ages to consider pathology as a career and to realise the part it plays in the veterinary management of their animals.
    Email: [email protected]

  • Dr Brendan Healy


    I have been a Consultant in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at the University Hospital of Wales, since 2007. I am the clinical lead for the microbiology service, orthopaedic lead for microbiology/infectious diseases and lead clinician for the Blood Borne Viral Hepatitis action plan for Wales. I have completed the Science Communication and Advanced Science Communication training sessions run by the RCPath and have been involved in a number of public engagement events, including the delivery of a virtual hospital session in several local schools and a Science Museum 'Lates' event. I enjoy taking part in public engagement activities and am thrilled to be taking on the coordinator role for Microbiology.
    Email: [email protected]