New Trainee Welcome Day 2022

This year the New Trainee Welcome day is going to be held separately for each specialty.


Please see below the Webinar for the Histopathology New Training Welcome Day


Questions and Answers

Can you give some examples of practical skills?

Will we need to provide evidence for all the CiP descriptors for ARCP?

Is there a minimum number for cut-ups?

Can you give some examples for ECE?

How strict are the deadlines in May? If I only have 1 or 2 SLEs outstanding in May, will I be able to do this later without any issues? (Before August)

Can a WBAs completed by BMS or MLA?

Can any senior Histopathology trainee sign off the assessment? Also, can a trust-employed Histopathology doctor sign it off?

On the rotation list, do you include compulsory weeks that are organised as part of your ST1 if they are at a site separate from your "base"?

Who do we ask for help if we have problems or queries about the LEPT system?

How do we log cut-ups and MDT meetings?

Do we add the virtual sessions to the resources list?

Who can I speak to in order to get login details for Expertpath and clinical key, please?

Please could you please explain AS ST1, do we have to do MSF?

On LEPT, where would you put records of your educational supervisor meetings? E.g., under personal activities or under resources?

Additionally, do we upload the logbook once it's completed, or should we just keep uploading it at different stages of completion to evidence progress?


How frequently does the FRCPath part 1 exam run through the year?

Any important courses for FRCPath Part 1 examinations?

How much do the FRCPath exams cost?

After passing FRCPath general Histopathology exam, what is the process for getting Higher cytology certification?

Is it common for deaneries to allow study budgets to be used to pay for FRCPath exams?


My educational supervisor unfortunately is not on the list who should I contact to add them on

Do you need to be a member to log in to LEPT? I cannot seem to see the registration page

How do we know who our Training Programme Director is for the LEPT system?

We cannot use LEPT to collect MSF for ST1 year, how should ST1s collect our MSF?

On LEPT, how do I record meetings with my ES?


Can anyone complete our CBDs and DOPs with us (e.g., Consultants, BMSs, other higher STs)?


Chemical Pathology

Please see below the Webinar for the Chemical Pathology New Training Welcome Day


Medical Microbiology and Medical Virology

Please see below the Webinar for the Medical Microbiology & Medical Virology New Training Welcome Day