New Trainee Welcome Day 2022

This year the New Trainee Welcome day is going to be held separately for each specialty.


Please see below the Webinar and Programme for the Histopathology New Training Welcome Day



Can CHAT be completed during ICPT or during different higher specialty training programmes (e.g., diagnostic neuropathology)?

Is there a recommended textbook to follow?

For the 500 surgical cases for portfolio - do you need a specific amount from each organ system?

When do we get our NTNs?

Is it still a requirement for the portfolio that we completed the Molecular Pathology online module?

Can you tell us what the module is called and where to find it? The Genomics modules of HEE have recently changed, and it is confusing to work out what we are actually meant to be completing.

Given the shortage of training posts in subspecialties e.g., forensics, what happens if once you reach the end of ICPT there are currently no jobs available in your desired sub-specialty?

Can we set a provisional date for ARCP and change it later?

What is the scope of career progression in artificial intelligence in pathology? any specific course for that that one can do as a trainee?

Can we re-apply for (for example paediatrics pathology) more than once if we didn’t get in from our first application?

How can I get access to the pathology portal in the learning hub as it is restricted access?


How frequently does the FRCPath part 1 exam run through the year?

Any important courses for FRCPath Part 1 examinations?

How much do the FRCPath exams cost?

After passing FRCPath general Histopathology exam, what is the process for getting Higher cytology certification?

Is it common for deaneries to allow study budgets to be used to pay for FRCPath exams?


My educational supervisor unfortunately is not on the list who should I contact to add them on

Do you need to be a member to log in to LEPT? I cannot seem to see the registration page

How do we know who our Training Programme Director is for the LEPT system?

We cannot use LEPT to collect MSF for ST1 year, how should ST1s collect our MSF?

On LEPT, how do I record meetings with my ES?


Can anyone complete our CBDs and DOPs with us (e.g., Consultants, BMSs, other higher STs)?


Chemical Pathology

Please see below the Webinar and Programme for the Chemical Pathology New Training Welcome Day


Medical Microbiology and Medical Virology

Please see below the Webinar and Programme for the Medical Microbiology & Medical Virology New Training Welcome Day