The CESR through the Combined Programme (CP) route is for trainees who have:

This applies to you if you have either trained in non-approved post(s), or you entered an approved training programme above ST1/usual entry point, and you then completed the rest of the programme, and demonstrated the curricula competencies.

If eligible, please send your CESR (CP) application and supporting documents electronically via email only.

All trainees have a maximum of 12 months to apply for their CCT or CESR through the Combined Programme (CP) route. Trainees who do not apply in time will only be eligible to apply for entry to the specialist register through the equivalence route of CESR and will no longer be eligible for a CCT or CESR (CP).

Policy change for issuing the CESR (CP) from 7 October 2020

Doctors who trained through the combined programme pathway were all originally issued with a CESR certificate. Now doctors on a combined programme who have completed the minimum amount of time training in the UK, or who are training in specialties for which there is no minimum training time, will be eligible for the award of a CCT.

Combined programme trainees who do not meet the minimum UK training time for their specialty will continue to be issued with a CESR.

These changes only apply to trainees on the combined programme who have spent the minimum amount of time training on a UK approved training programme, or who are in a specialty for which there is no minimum training time. There are no changes to the main CESR route to specialist registration.
Please contact your Deanery in the first instance who will work with the College to identify and confirm which certificate type it is anticipated you will be eligible for (a CCT or CESR) upon successful completion of your training.
Retrospective granting of CCT to CESR(CP) holders

You can ask for a CCT to be issued retrospectively if:

Please note that it is up to you to decide whether you wish to ask for your CESR to be converted to a CCT. There is no requirement for you to do so.